YOU’RE FIRED: Shep Smith Loses Everything After Belligerent Rant On Donald Trump… He’s Going To Regret That [VIDEO]

Shep Smith has earned a reputation as one of the most anti-Trump hosts at Fox News. This week, he went off on a rant against the President that could have put his job at risk.

Mediaite reported that during a press briefing on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about whether the White House was aware Michael Flynn was acting as a foreign agent when he was chosen to be Trump’s National Security Advisor. Trump was asked to resign after it was revealed he was paid more than $500,000 for work that may have benefited the Turkish government.

“I don’t believe that that was known,” Spicer commented. Apparently, t hat comment wasn’t good enough for Smith, who went off on Spicer while talking to Julie Bykowicz of the Associated Press.

“The White House said he was a private citizen at the time,” Smith commented. “But there’s been a lot of lying, Julie. And—there’s been a lot of lying, there’s been lying about who you talk to and by lots of people, and almost inevitably and invariably, they were lying about talking to the Russians about something. It’s too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke, and now they’re investigating. Where are we in this thing?”

His comments set Fox News fans off on a rampage on Twitter.

“@FoxNews Again get rid of shep smith, he’s a nut job!!” George Sanders tweeted.

“@FoxNews I have had you BLOCKED from my TV for a month now and until Shep Smith is gone I will keep you blocked,” Chris Murray added. “I do not want his opinions!”

What do you think? Is it time for Fox News to give Smith the boot?

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