“Wow, I’m A Radical,” Ted Nugent Gives President A Brilliant Idea Of How To Deal With The “Idiot” Haters

On a recent interview with Fox & Friends, guitarist Ted Nugent discussed the possibility of running for Congress in 2018. He described himself as a “hell raiser” just like Donald Trump.

“Well, I’m a terminal ‘we the people American patriot’ and I think I’m doing the most important political job in the world and that is participating in the sacred experiment of self government and demanding constitutional accountability from our elected employees. There’s no limit to what I’d be willing to do to help make this country great,” said Nugent.

“I’m a hell raiser. I’m what the Founding Fathers wanted all Americans to be,” said Nugent. “It’s all about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandants, the Golden Rule, being the best that you can be, earning your own way. Wow, I’m a radical,” said Nugent.

He went on to give President Trump some great advice. “He needs to stay on course: America first, make America great again, job security, secure the borders. You know, it’s so simple even guitar players can figure this stuff out,” joked Nugent.


“If you’re not pissing off the idiots, you’re an idiot, He’s not an idiot. He’s driving the idiots crazy so I’m so proud of him,” said Nugent. Do you think that’s some great advice? Check out the interview below.