This Texas Family Sent Perfect Message To Haters Of Melania Trump’s ‘Heels in the Flood’ Drama

First Lady, Melania Trump received heavy criticism in regards to the choice of footwear she picked for her Houston, Texas recent visit as Hurricane Harvey hit.

However, there were actually two photos- one where Melania wears stilettos and the second where she wears sneakers , which is actually taken in Houston as she landed.

The liberals couldn’t keep still and continued their hateful rant against the First Lady. On the other hand, Texas seemed pleased with Melania just being there, never taking in mind the need for a fashion moment in midst of a crisis.

There was one family from Texas that even took to social media to express their gratitude for Melania’s presence and everything she does for the country.

It is definitely a photo that offers a personal touch as well. Brian Green posted the photo on Twitter:

Many hearts were melted across the country at the move:

Melania got the praise from other families as well:

Melania is expected to go back to the state this Saturday. In a very unfamiliar and standard move, president Trump and Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Texas, to offer their help to the citizens, pray with them and just do their job.