NFL Executive Finally Opens Up About Why No One Wants Kaepernick, It’s Brutal

Liberals are trying to push the narrative that Kaepernick has been unable to get a job because the NFL is racist. Even though 70% of players are black… People haven’t wanted to talk about this publicly over fear of backlash, but NFL executives are finally stepping forward with the truth of why they won’t hire Kaepernick.

“I don’t like the guy as a player. I don’t think he can play. I didn’t think he could play at Reno, I don’t think he can play now. You don’t think if he was a good player, 20 teams would be lining up? He’s inaccurate, inconsistent reading defenses. He needs everything to be perfect around him, and he needs to run a certain offense,” described one executive anonymously to Sports Illustrated.

“When he was rolling, they had an unbelievable defense and a great running game with an amazing offensive line. Everything was perfect. And you consider that, why isn’t there a debate about RG3? He just wasn’t a consideration,” he said.

“From our end, it never got down to [going to the owner]. To me, the protests, all that, it wasn’t even a factor for us. It was the ability to fit within our offense. He doesn’t throw the ball great, he’s more of an on-the-move, zone-read type of quarterback. He needs to be in a specific system. For us, it was a system thing,” said another.

“What he does well is totally outside what most teams do. And so here’s my question: I understand the Kaepernick deal, why it’s news, but nobody’s talking about RG3? I know since it’s Kaepernick, it’s what sells, but the problem that RG3 has getting a job is the same as Kaepernick for a lot of teams,” he said.