NBC Is DOOMED! James Mattis Just Spilled A Nasty SECRET They’ve Been Hiding!

Just a couple of hours ago, NBC News released a highly controversial report, saying that POTUS is actually planning to increase the U.S nuclear power 10-times-fold. They also claim that Trump is going to achieve this by forcing Secretary Mattis to get into action.

Of course, these false reports were called “fake news” by the President and called to be of highly dangerous on the whole country. After Trump’s remarks, MSM jumped in defense by criticising that Trump is usurping their rights.

One thing the MSM forgot, is that Secretary Mattis is the one person you can not screw around. James Mattis is one of the most respected members of the whole political system. Mattis naturally, went on to call these claims “Absolutely False”, which clearly brings on the question whether NBC News should be considered as “fake news” from now on.

“Recent reports that the President called for an increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. This kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible.” – stated Mattis.

The truth is that we are in a situation where North Korea and Russia have better bombs than us, and if we want to make America the greatest country in the World, we have to work on our nuclear arsenal in an aspect of security. Our current nuclear arsenal is around 4000 so we have to upgrade and modernize it.

NBC is wrong. This type of journalism is just wrong. It spreads hate and misinformation which is infesting the people with fake knowledge.

The First Amendment means everything to me. But The First Amendment is used by corrupted pawns in awfully wrong manners. It does not give you the freedom to spread lies, especially not on our government.

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