Melania And Ivanka Breaks Records Of The First Family… This Is Amazing News

Throughout his campaign and into his presidency, Donald Trump’s wife Melania and daughter Ivanka have been considered two major assets. According to a poll by Politico, American people view these two members of the First Family very favorably, with 47% having a positive opinion of Melania and 49% of voters having a positive impression of Ivanka.

This is no surprise. Both Melania and Ivanka have offered personal endorsements of President Trump and his respect for women. This will only continue with Ivanka moving to Washington C.
The women also offer opportunities to reach Americans who are still unsure of Trump.

“While most have formed their opinion of Donald Trump, about 20 percent of voters still haven’t made up their mind about the First Lady and First Daughter,” Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder, told reporters. “That leaves open an opportunity for Ivanka and Melania to refine their public personas over the next few months as the new administration gets underway.”

Still, 51% of Americans say they hoped Melania will have a major role in President Trump’s White House, and 45% want Ivanka to be actively involved.

What do you think? Do you support these two powerful women?

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