Female Fox News host assaulted at rally; NOW, women’s groups silent

Fox News host Kat Timpf told her Twitter followers that she’s become the latest of a string of right-leaning individuals publicly assaulted.

A self-described Libertarian, and co-host of Fox’s The Specialists, Timpf was scheduled to speak at a campaign event in support of Ben Kissel’s race to become Brooklyn Borough President when she was apparently recognized by someone in attendance.
Her Twitter feed explains what occurred before she was able to make that speech:


Unfortunately, if recent history is any guide, the assault upon Ms. Timpf is far from random.

Conservative author Heather MacDonald was forced by protesters to cancel a speech at Claremont McKenna College.

Pundit Ann Coulter was forced to cancel her speech at the University of Berkeley due to safety concerns.

One may even remember this unfortunate San Jose woman who was egged by progressives because she wore a pro-Trump shirt:

Many other examples abound, but none worse than the shooting of five individuals — one of whom a Republican congressman — by a Bernie-loving lunatic.

In fact, several prominent Republicans including Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were assaulted with glitter during the 2012 election race.

However, there clearly seems to be an uptick in leftist violence against Conservatives and Libertarians.

Surprisingly, women’s marchers, NOW, and other groups have decidedly remained silent on these attacks against Conservative women.

Timpf’s assaulter has not been captured, therefore there is no definitive evidence that the man was offended by Kat Timpf’s anti-Progressive views, her criticisms of Trump, or some fan angry because she did not respond to his love letters.

Yet, there’s a clear trend happening in our politics visible to anyone who cares to see it.